(y)Our Stories

A series of artefacts, events, exhibitions and installations further investigating the potential for everyday ceramic items to connect people through narrative.

Through artistic intervention, my current practice explores how connections can be established between people through everyday ceramic objects. I am investigating the in between ground of three theories – bundling (Keane 2003), dispersed creativity (Leach 2004), and materialising the self (Tilley 2006). The notion of storytelling and collaborative authorship is being tested through a series of experiments and narrative gathering exercises which will result in a number of installation pieces that encourage storytelling and interaction as well as build connections between participants.

(y)Our Stories is an ongoing research project (initiated in 2015) that considers the narrative potential of ceramic figurines gathered from charity shops and flea markets from various locations in the UK and Denmark, forming the major part of my PhD research Re*presenting: artistic interventions exploring everyday ceramics. The work builds on a range of projects, theoretical research and in particular, from an earlier piece – The Plate Experiment (2011) – where visitors were encouraged to create a visual narrative, using plates in combination with figures and doorways cut in silhouette from fluorescent orange card.  This piece was exhibited as part of Work In Progress RIBA Hub, Manchester, 2011 and Fresh Research, BCB 2011, Stoke-On-Trent.

A workshop was held at Manchester School of Art in 2015, a small event at The Whitworth in early 2016, and a four week residency at the International Centre for Research in Ceramics, Guldagergård, in 2016, formed the major part of the (y)Our Stories project, where I worked with a combination of found ceramic objects, transfer decoration, 3d printing of ceramic clay and arduino1 technology to engage the public through narrative, culminating in a series of artworks presented in a solo exhibition in The Apple House Gallery at ICRC, Denmark.